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Name:Sinthia Schmidt
Birthdate:Dec 22
Location:United States of America
Important Note: Unless otherwise noted this version of Sinthia is played along the lines of the 2011 movie version of Captain America: The First Avenger, the 2012 movie The Avengers, and the 2014 movie Captain America: The Winter Solider, based in the present day.

Unless otherwise noted Sinthia has NOT partaken in events of the Captain America, Fear Itself, or any other Marvel COMIC SERIES canon.

German by birth and having been raised (in a manner of speaking) by a Nazi geneticist--one Johann Schmidt--Sinthia was subject to several genetic experiments of a questionable nature, which resulted in her manifesting four particular abilities over the course of a few months: telepathy, teleportation, intangibility and telekinesis. Her father may have died in the war, but HYDRA did not; with the organization going underground, so too did Sinthia, as an asset few were aware of, and even fewer understood.

If the Winter Soldier was HYDRA’s greatest success in cryogenics and mind alteration, then Sinthia was their guinea pig. She was the convenient, and sole, test subject for many of the machines that would later be honed and upgraded to use on one James Barnes. Still, the rough versions of the enhancements did their job on her as well as the final versions would on someone else. She has an incredibly wide range of skills to draw from to achieve her missions, and the one advantage--to use the word lightly--she had over the Winter Soldier is that she had little personality to show through the conditioning. She was never raised to be a person to begin with, let alone a normal one, and she consequently adapted to the routine of being a weapon that just so happened to look like a woman remarkably well. She only remembers fragments of the years between the present and 1945-46, and even those memories can be malleable for her.

She speaks multiple languages as fluently as she does English, and is of above-average intelligence. These two combined with telepathy means that she is capable of picking up small bits of unknown languages from another person's mind, though it will not be a full understanding by any means. Sinthia is also intellectually gifted in sciences and mathematics. As regards her powers, Sinthia has no compunction against reading someone’s mind, and will do so fairly often and often without mentioning it. The others are more or less obvious to passersby, and so she may well hold back with those. She stands approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall as an adult, with dark brown hair and eyes of the same color, heavily flecked with an unnatural blue, a result from the procedure using the Tesseract on her.

If your character is unable to have their thoughts read or you'd like Sinthia not to read their minds, please private message me and we’ll work something out.

No profit is being made by the portrayal of this muse in any community and I do not own Sinthia Schmidt; she belongs to Marvel and no affiliation with them is assumed or intended, as with the persons whose likenesses appear here for visual aid. Adult PB is Gemma Arterton, child PB is Natalie Portman. Both muse and mun are over 18.
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